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A sewer line replacement is a considerable but necessary project. However, many people are concerned about how much the job will cost. While most sewer line replacements cost around $3,500 to complete, no two projects are exactly the same and the final price can vary significantly from job to job. Understanding how pricing works can help you anticipate expenses and plan ahead. Here are the main factors that will impact the cost of your sewer line replacement:

Video Inspections

Much of your sewer line is located beneath the ground, so damage can be difficult to identify and inspect. To properly assess your sewer line, your contractor may use a special video camera to perform a thorough inspection. While this may add around $50-500 to your total bill, it also allows your plumber to determine whether a full replacement is necessary or if all you need are some localized repairs.

Excavation Technique

The two main excavation methods are trenchless and traditional. With traditional excavation, the contractor will dig a trench to access your sewer line. Meanwhile, trenchless techniques rely on small access pits and specialized tools to perform the underground work without needing to dig up your whole property. Since trenchless methods are generally faster and don’t require as much cleanup, they tend to be less expensive overall.

Type and Length of Pipe

There are many different types of pipe on the market, and they can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per foot depending on the material you choose. If you simply need repairs, then your contractor will likely match the pipe type to what you already have. For full replacements, however, you can work with your contractor to find the best type for your property, needs, and budget.

Landscaping and Cleanup

Particularly if you used traditional excavation for the pipe replacement, then you may need considerable landscaping or cleanup after the project is complete. Unless you use trenchless methods or are willing to perform the work yourself, the landscaping fees could tack on a few hundred dollars.

Labor Rates

The final main factor that can impact the cost of your pipe replacement is the labor rate. Depending on where you live and which contractor you hire, the price per hour can vary. While it may be tempting to simply look for the lowest rate you can find, it’s still important to work with trustworthy professionals who can get the job done right the first time. Be sure to choose a company that is licensed, reputable, and experienced.

Your Local Sewer Line Replacement Experts

If you are in need of quality sewer line replacement services, turn to the experts at Earthworks Excavating! We are family-owned and operated, and have proudly served the Vancouver WA area since 1999. We strive to provide superior services and deliver dependable workmanship that you can rely on for years to come. Our experts also bring decades of residential and commercial project experience, so you can count on seamless and stress-free service. To get started, contact us and get your free estimate!

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How Much Does a Sewer Line Replacement Cost? in Vancouver WA

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