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What is Septic Tank Decommissioning?

Most of the time septic tank decommissioning is performed when a house or business is converting from septic to sewer or when an existing tank is in a state of disrepair and needs to be replaced. Under local jurisdiction, old septic tanks must be decommissioned when demolishing structures and developing the property. There are a variety of methods associated with decommissioning septic tanks. We can determine the best and most cost-effective method.

Why do you Decommission a Septic Tank?

Proper septic tank decommissioning is important for many reasons.  Safety is the primary factor.  Over time septic tanks lids have the potential to collapse causing serious injury or death.  Local building and health jurisdictions impose decommissioning requirements to limit this potential.  If a property is being developed all tanks must be decommissioned.  These tanks are often completely removed from the site.

How is Septic Tank Decommission Performed?

The septic tank is located and covered.  The liquid waste is removed and disposed of by a licensed pumper.  This is documented for the local health and building jurisdiction.  When the tank is empty is it either (a) filled with granular material (sand or crushed rock typically) or CDF (controlled density fill) which is basically low compressive strength concrete or (b) removed and disposed of and the void left filled and compacted with structural fill.

Experts in Septic Tank Decommissioning

Septic tank decommissioning can be a very labor-intensive process. Whether you are connecting to city sewer or developing a new site, contact Earthworks. We provide septic tank decommissioning throughout SW Washington.

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Septic Tank Decommissioning in Vancouver WA

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